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Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud

Name Daisy Skie-Cloud

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 154
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description She stands 5'6 barefoot, with a nicely proportioned feminine physique. Her hair is dark brown that fades to a soft light brown that hangs in a curly waves to mid back . Her eyes are brown verging on black with gold sprinkles.


Spouse none
Children none
Father unknown
Mother Marogold
Brother(s) Benji
Sister(s) Skie Dot

Personality & Traits

General Overview Foot loose and fancy free that hides a sharp mind and keen hearing. She has an attitude of being cheerful with a touch of impatience and hyper. Wearing of clothes only when she had to from her upbringing.

S : extremely loyal, sharp mind and excellent hearing.
W: Trouble with conformity of dress codes.
Ambitions to see the universe
Hobbies & Interests Soft music, plants

Personal History From a young age, Daisy was schooled in the various performing arts and general knowledge. She excelled in the various forms of languages from the more popular Xeno-Spacefaring Species and even some of the more rarer ones. Even learned Federation Galactic Trade-speak. Moving into young Adulthood, she was expected to learned the arts of physical pleasure such as full body massages and the more intimate forms of pleasure of both genders. Plus domicile upkeep.

Her interest leaned to what lay beyond sky into the vast star studded void of space. In her free time she learned to fly crafts such as shuttles, hover cars and hoverbikes which she loved. Zipping along at 50-70 kph, naked with the warm tropical wind blowing over her skin and through her hair, as people of her planet preferred to wear less, or no clothes at all. She fell in love with flying and dedicated herself in becoming the best pilot ever. But she wanted to fly the big ships that travelled into the far reaches of the Void of space. She excelled in her courses, Math, Science, a bit of Engineering.

When becoming legal age, Daisy with her knowledge of being a pilot, instead of reporting to where she was suppose to work in the vast resort to be part of the staff to bring pleasure to its clientele, detoured to the spaceport and signed on to pilot one of pleasure cruise ships. But to her chagrin and naiveté, ended up on a freighter ship that was in need of a pilot willing to learn the craft of being a smuggler and blockade runner. She applied herself with diligence in learning and showing her aptitude of mastering techniques of the helm. Both legal and illegal.

Hearing about Star Fleet, Daisy had that urge to follow in her unknown father's footsteps to explore the stars. She applied to the Star Fleet Academy and passed the Entrance Exams.

She fell in love with flying and dedicated herself in becoming the best pilot ever. After she graduated from the Academy and finished her cadet flight, she was assigned to the ships where she had taken her Cadet Cruise, proving herself to be worthy as a part of the ship's crew and Fleet.
Service Record Academy: Major- Flight/Navigation; Minor - Engineering

USS Serenity :cadet cruise and first assignment: CSG (Cadet Senior Grade) - ?? : CONN - Defiant Class.

(willing to take minor slot)