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Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral

Name Tyron Ral

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Tril
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ashur Ral is a large individual with nearly 3% body fat, a fact that he is rather proud of. He wears his hair closely cropped to his head.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Tegan Maz
Mother Larsa
Brother(s) Baylon
Sister(s) Sarya
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being so large in stature, Tyron is a gentle giant. He is soft spoken and easy to get along with. He is also very dedicated to his job, the Federation and to Starfleet. He wants nothing more than to serve Starfleet to the best of his ability.
Ambitions Tyron would love to command his own ship one day as do most officers but oddly enough he wants to command a science vessel. His desire comes from his lack of scientific background that he wants to expand.
Hobbies & Interests Ral enjoys a good drink with friends, playing in the holodeck and working out which he does most of his off hours.

Personal History Tyron was born and raised on Trill Homeworld. He and his family lived near the sea on his father's rapeg farm. Rapegs are a fruit, native to the Trill Homeworld that are used in a variety of ways, but most notably for making Trill wine. While Tyron, his brother and sister, were growing up he constantly noticed how hard his parents had to work to keep their farm going. One day Tyron decided to try and make things easier. He did so by fabricating and inventing devices and improvements on the family's farming equipment. It is suspected this is where he got his love of all things technological.
Tyron always did well in school even though he was constantly getting into trouble. Somewhere along the line he learned that technology can do great good ... and make great practical jokes. But because of his good work and study habits he was kept out of serious trouble growing up, much to the dismay of his classmates.
Tyron joined Starfleet in 2374 at the age of 18. While there, he was reprimanded multiple times for playing practical jokes around the Academy. He also exhibited a natural proficiency for computers and their support systems.
He was almost kicked out several times and has a list of reprimands too long to put here. However, there was always some professor or counselor that persuaded the Dean to let him stay saying that 'he has potential'. Tyron did manage to graduate in the top ten percent of his class, but with no honors because of his behavior. His high class ranking got him his first tour of duty on the esteemed Exeter when he graduated in 2380. That didn't last long though as Captain Beaubier felt that was no room for that sort of behavior on his ship matter how well Tyron did his job.
The command staff of the Exeter did not appreciate his sense of humor, with exception of Commander Rokalla, who took a liking to the young ensign. The coup de grace was Tyron reprogramming the EMH image to look like Captain Beaubier ... but with hair. Needless to say Dr. Tramor and the Captain were NOT amused. It was at this time that Tyron decided he wanted to be joined when he heard that Commander Tyron Ral was returning to Trill to have symbiont removed to be passed down to another host. So taking a hiatus from Starfleet, he returned with Commander Ral trying to talk him into passing Ral down to him. He was successful and upon their arrival on Trill, Tyron passed his symbiont onto Tyron.
In 2382 after Tyron had returned to Starfleet he was sent to Utopia Planitia Fleet yards to do work and research and hopefully stay out of trouble. It was discovered by his CO, Captain Garrison, at the Fleet Yards that the busier you keep Tyron, the less trouble he gets into. So, Garrison kept Tyron as busy as he could. The results were good and through Tyron's work many improvements and processes were incorporated into the design of some starship systems.
He managed to get promoted to lieutenant junior grade and at his Commanding officer's request, entered into the officer exchange program.
He served on the Klingon vessel IKS Gree'tok. This was Garrison's way of "teaching that young punk a lesson", especially after Tyron programmed the Commander's tricorder to open and close various doors of the fleet yards quarters at random.
Tyron spent six months on the IKS Gree'tok, a K'Vort class cruiser. He learned what discipline really meant. While on board he earned a commendation from Captain Drex by helping fight off a mutiny by some of the crew. He also earned the affections of the captain's son, Ael, who was the chief engineer. It was later revealed that Ael and Tyron had fallen in love and had quite an affair while he was aboard the Klingon ship.
After spending time with the Klingons, Ral earns a new found respect for authority while maintaining his mischievous streak. While serving with the Klingons, Tyron acquired a taste for raktajino and using bat'leths. Commended by the Klingons, Ral is promoted to lieutenant when he returns to the Fleet Yards.
Years later, Ael was sent by his father on a covert mission to spy on Toral of the House of Duras. During her mission, Toral and his henchmen hijacked the Miranda with the help of Admiral Murdock's son, Sean, who'd been thought lost. Tyron and Ael were very surprised to see each other and he ended up helping Tyron's team in getting the Miranda back. Near the end of the retaking of the ship, Ael was killed and died in Tyron's arms after confessing that he still loved him.
When Tyron got back to Utopia Planitia it was thought that he would be a little more mature and disciplined. Captain Garrison enrolled him in some of the Academy's Secondary schools (Advanced Tactical Training, Strategic Operations Training, and Bridge Certification Training). He behaved for the most part because he was starting to realize that Starfleet could actually offer him a good career. His pranks were mostly limited to 'adjusting' the parameters in the classes' simulated missions on the holodeck. Those antics got him sent back to the Fleet Yards instead of on another starship.
Next, he was assigned to a new warp drive project. The goal was to design a warp drive that was environmentally friendly and didn't have to make use of the variable geometry engine nacelles. It was reported that the folding nacelles on some Intrepid- class ships were problematic and Starfleet wanted to simplify the design.
During this last stint at the Fleet Yards, Tyron met Commander Kostov. She saw Tyron's problem solving capability and technical expertise in action while working in the warp drive project. When the project was finished she recruited him to be the Chief Ops officer on the USS Panther.
While onboard the Panther Ral participated in a variety of missions including: first contact with inhabitants of Ballybran and Carvagna, fought against the Dominion, Thomas Riker and Bajoran Terrorists, and the Romulan Tal Shiar. And while on one of these missions, Ral was wounded when the console exploded in his face damaging his eyes for which he had to have them replaced.
During his time on the Panther, Tyron befriended AJ Kostov, the ship's first officer. After one prank too many, Tyron is designated for reassignment by Captain Drake, nothing Kostov can say will change his mind.
Tyron manages to land on the USS Miranda and served aboard her under three different commanding officers within 4 years
In the spring of 2385, Commander Ashar, the Miranda's then-Ops Manager, took an indefinite maternity leave, and Tyron became the Pathfinder-Class Starship's Operations Manager.
In early 2386 Tyron became the Miranda's Second Officer. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded the Star Cross for his actions on the Miranda's Gamma Quadrant tour.
In mid-2387, Tyron was promoted to Executive Officer and Lieutenant Commander aboard the Miranda, following the departure of Commander Brex.
In 2388 Tyron was momentarily promoted to Captain and slated to take command of the USS Reliant detached to Starbase Atlantis, but was re-assigned to the USS Carthage (Miranda Class) when the call for experienced military commanders to defend the under-defended border came. He arrived at Deep Space 5 to take command of the Carthage when the station came under fire from the advancing Triad fleet. Tyron, and many others, were rescued by the USS Shanghai where he was demoted back to lieutenant commander and stayed on as their Strategic Operations Officer.

Previous hosts for the Ral symbiont

Commander Tyron Ral is the first Starfleet Officer to be joined to the Ral symbiont.
Lovric, a noted Trill researcher in robotics;
Tesza, an immunologist who helped find the cure for Iverson's Disease, a debilitating muscular disease (Tesza herself succumbed to the condition before research was complete);
Othila, an architect whose arcology designs are currently enjoying a renaissance on Andor. Othila had expressed the Ral symbiont's desire to be joined to a Starfleet Officer as the Ral had yet to be an explorer.