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Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard

Name Anders David Odegaard

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 215lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anders carries himself with an upright posture, being 6'0 and around 195 lbs it gives him that air of an intimidating individual. Which has served him well as an Intelligence Officer in obtaining information or to loosen a few tongues without resorting to violence. His time as a field operative meant he had to keep in physical shape, something he still maintains to this day.

He has a beard which he trims to fit in with regulations. Very rarely does he appear clean shaven only if required to for an operation or at the request of his Commanding Offficer

Anders has a prominent Norwegian accent, but he speaks fluent English. Only resorting to his native tongue when angered or for translation purposes.

His hair is of medium length, which is kept cropped at the back and sides but with a fair amount on the top. He does sometimes cut it short when it suits him.

On both of his arms he has tattoo sleeves that highlight part of his youth and heritage. He also has tattoos on his chest and back.

Additionally he is ambidextrous though his dominant hand is his left one.


Father Master Chief Petty Officer Alexander Odegaard (Ret)
Mother Dr Helga Odegaard
Brother(s) Petty Officer Second Class Petr Odegaard
Sister(s) Chief Petty Officer Tanya Odegaard

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance Andersi can appear as quite an intimidating individual given his height and imposing build. However in reality he is an easy going kind of man, he likes a joke and speaks several fluent languages.

He originally enlisted in Starfleet at 18 years old, same as his father and brother. He only became an Officer at the request of his CO on the USS Premonition, who saw the leadership potential in him.

He is a man with a very broad background of knowledge, with skills as a Phaser and Disruptor Expert, which has served him well up to now. he knows a little about Command having taken his Bridge Officers Courses and a bit of experience with Explosives.

Anders does tend to speak his mind and voice his opinion whether it is requested or otherwise. This is one thing some see as his biggest fault.
Ambitions In his youth all Anders wanted to do was join Starfleet and see the Universe. He enlisted and got the opportunity after completing basic training. He never originally intended to become and Officer but once he was awarded the opportunity he felt it only seemed right to work his way up the ranks and see what was out there.
Hobbies & Interests Off Duty, Anders is a massive history buff and likes to broaden his knowledge base on old earth history and that of Andorians or Vulcans. He also reads Crime Fiction from the 21st Century.

He has a big love of Ice Hockey, taking time to watch games when he visits Earth.

Personal History Anders was born in Oslo, Norway at the Federation Outpost that was located there. His father was a Security Officer and his mother was a teacher. Though being a Starfleet child he was shifted back and forth from deployment to deployment, he always considered Oslo to be his home.

He enlisted in Starfleet at the age of 18 following in his father footsteps though he chose Intelligence as his field. Completing his Basic Training he was assigned as an Intelligence Specialist on the USS Phalanx. For the most part his time on Phalanx was about gathering information on Alpha Quadrant races such as the Klingons and Cardassians.

The onset of the Dominion War changed that. He was involved in numerous engagements with the Dominion. He became something of a good luck charm for his shipmates. Anders was commended numerous times for his actions and you wars end he was moved to Earth as a Petty Officer Third Class.

His time on Earth was brief as his knowledge in languages and history resulted in him becoming assigned to Project EDEN, a chance for Starfleet to use the end of war to examine the technology they captured from the Dominion and its allies. This wasn't a job for him, though he did enjoy it he felt a Deep Space assignment suited him better. 18 months later he moved to the USS Premonition.

Premonition was his big break, the Galaxy Class Starship was assigned to the Gamma Quadrant to continue the exploration efforts that were on hold during the War. Unofficially they were there to make sure the Dominion upheld the Treaty of Bajor. In 2378 he was assigned to an Away Team alongside the Captain, and as a Petty Officer First Class he had responsibility. The mission was simple make first contact with a prominent power who were looking to open negotItions with the federation. However their Runabout was attacked and crashed on the Tropical part of the planet. With the Captain injured and the Pilot Dead, Anders was forced to take Command and ensure their survival.

Following their return to the Premonition and subsequent rehabilitation, Anders was awarded a commendation and at the request pod his CO was transferred back to Earth to undergo Officer training. An unexpected turn of events. He completed his training at the Academy and finished in the top 10 of his class.

The much older Ensign was assigned to Deep Cover operations on Romulus following the Shinzon incident of 2379. Following on from this he continued as a deep cover operative working on Andoria and against the Orion Syndicate. While much of his time there is classified it is known that Anders fell in love only for it to end in tragedy and transferred to Strategic Operations in 2382.

Now as a Lieutenant Junior Grade he worked out of Starfleet Command as an Analyst and Team Leader. He moved to Starbase 67 in 2384 as Chief of Strategic Operations and Lieutenant.

Following an outbreak of unknown illness in 2385 Anders was assigned as temporary First Officer of Starbase 67. He and the Skeleton Staff worked round the clock to find a suitable enough cure and luckily one was developed. He remained on the Station as Second Officer and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

He guest lectured at Starfleet Academy whilst serving at Starfleet Command.

As of 2388 he transferred to the USS Gibson as Strategic Operations Officer.

In 2390 he was part of the Delta Quadrant program and was assigned to the USS Osiris, reestablshing relations with various powers and indigenous races.

As of 2393 he was being reassigned