Specifications - Nebula Class Specification


The Nebula carries a changeable mission pod that can be changed out during a layover at a starbase. The swap-out between pods takes beteeen 72 hours and 3 weeks depending on the types of pods involved. It takes the longest to change between the Sensor Pod and any of the other pod designs due to the difference in pod mounting components. Pod Specifications Between missions, Commanding Officers may dock at a starbase and swap their pods for one of the others. By default, new Nebula class vessels come equipped with the tactical pod. Sensor pod: The majority of the first Nebula-class ships were outfitted with this pod, which greatly extended the ship's sensor range. With this pod the Nebula-class ship is virtually unmatched in regards to sensor capability. Ships with this pod module were routinely assigned to deep-space exploration, hostile border patrols or long-range reconnaissance. Weapons pod: With the recent Borg invasions and Dominion War, Starfleet quickly mobilized to deploy the weapons pod, which contains 5 forward-facing and 3 aft-facing "pulse" torpedo launchers, and 2 Type X Phaser Arrays. The launchers are fed by an additional 200 photon torpedoes stored in the pod itself. The weapons pod is also equipped with two shield generators (one main, one backup), since it was realized that the pod would be an easy target. The shield generators are the same type used through-out the rest of the ship, and draw power directly from the auxiliary energy reserves during Red Alert situations. Tactical pod: This is a recent addition to the Nebula-class fleet, and is quickly becoming the default module for all new Nebulas being built. The design combines the scanning capabilities of the sensor pod and the offensive capabilities of the weapons of the weapons pod into one module. There are disadvantages to this design. The tactical pod contains 75 fewer torpedoes (125) and only three torpedo launchers - two forward, one aft - in order to make room for the sensor pallets. Also, the scanners are primarily designed to aid in targeting for the torpedoes and phasers, and as such are not as effective for long-range usage as those of the full-on sensor pod. Hospital Pod: This pod is not often used, but is kept on hand at major starbases for medical relief missions. THe Hospital Pod contains a full medical facility of starbase size and quality and has the capacity to house nearly 100 medical personnel and up to 600 patients. Habitation/Colony pod: This pod contains a large number of residential quarters, and is sometimes used on long-term missions, or on missions focusing on populating a colony. Depending on configuration, up to 6,000 people can be ferried in the habitation module. With slight modifications, this module can be configured to act as a troop transport, enabling the ship to carry several thousand troops. This module also contains a dozen dedicated transporters, allowing the roughly 5,000 troops to be beamed out within a relatively short amount of time. Shuttlebay/Hangar pod: This experimental pod includes a large shuttle hangar with the space to hold a significant quantity of fighters and runabouts. A typical Hangar pod would contain the following: * 12 Razor Class Interceptors * 6 Scorpion MkII Fighters * 12 Viper Fighters * 7 Runabouts/Transports, various classes (Dragoon count as 2 each) * 2 Serenity Modular Transports


Class Nebula
Role Cruiser
Duration 110 Years
Time Between Refits 6 Years
Time Between Resupply 3 Years


Length 442m
Width 470m
Height 130m
Decks 30


Officers 170
Enlisted Crew 610
Marines 96
Civilians 100
Emergency Capacity 8000


Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 9.1
Emergency Speed Warp 9.8 for 12 hours

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto-modulating Shielding System
Metaphasic Shielding System
Standard Shielding System
Weapon Systems 8 Type X Phaser Arrays
2 Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers
2 Tri-Cobalt Devices
Armament 230 Photon Torpedoes
100 Quantum Torpedoes
Ablative Hull Armor
Structural Integrity Field

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 1 Hunley Class
2 Type 11 Class
5 Type 8 Class
2 Type 9 Class
Fighters 2 Razor Interceptor's
2 Gryphon Class Fighters
2 Scorpion Mk II Multi-Role Assault Fighters
Runabouts 2 Danube Class
1 Delta Flyer Class
1 Talon Scout
Transports 1 Argo and 1 Dragoon
Captain's Yacht 1 Aerowing Captain's Yacht