A Fresh Start on a New World

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With the main goal of making Task Force 37 more self sufficient, The Alabama is ordered to survey a planet to set up an F.O.B. Based on information the USS Hephaistos recovered from a Hirogen Asteroid Base two days travel away, the planet is rich in material needed for starship construction with an ideal climate for crops. The obstacles are that the planet is almost completely covered with dense forests and large lakes. To make matters worse, the Hirogen have marked the planet as off-limits.


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The crew of the Alabama gets a well deserved rest while awaiting their new orders and for the POD to be swapped out for their next mission.

Can Wary Strangers Meet Halfway?

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The Captain of the USS Grimes submitted a report regarding his encounter with a Vaadwaur. During this encounter, the Vaadwaur told the Captain to watch his back and that the events from 16 years ago may make some uneasy about Starfleet's presence in the area.

The Alabama is tasked to followup on these warnings to get more information.

New Ship, New Crew

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The newly commissioned USS Alabama is awaiting her new crew at Iota Station.

Shakedown Cruise

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While testing the systems that had been refit and updated, the Alabama will fly through the area of space between Turei, Vaadwaur and Malon Sanctity Territories, heading up to the Ankari System before heading back to Iota Station.