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Personal Log 1

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 2:34am by Lieutenant JG Wyatt Beck

Personal Log,
Beck, Wyatt, Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Alabama.

Well, we're here. The USS Alabama. She's a lot bigger than our previous posting. The Sagan was an old Constellation class explorer, aging but reliable. Sometimes I miss the old girl, but she's gone for the scrap yard now.

Karina is naturally nervous. She's done with her doctorate, and was all set up to do her internship at Starfleet Medical on Earth, but she applied for a waiver when I was assigned to the Alabama. I feel bad for taking her from such a plum assignment, but she wouldn't hear of me passing up a Chief Tactical Officer posting. She insisted that there was nothing she could learn in a hospital on Earth that she couldn't learn on a starship. God, I love that woman!

Devas is excited, as any four year old would be. Until the transport ship Galleon picked us up on Bajor, he'd never been offworld. Though he's been ours for a short time, it feels like we've had him his entire life.

I'm ready to begin my new posting. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm good at what I do, and I know it. Hopefully I'll make Lieutenant before too long. I've contacted Starbase 271 and asked for Warrant Officer Dougan to join me when he's up for transfer. That old dog is the best Security Investigator I know, and he'll be a good offset to my lack of experience in that particular subject. I'm better at the Tactical side, and Security is an easy fit because of my time in the Marines. But Investigations takes a certain instinct, and mine isn't as well developed.

That's all for now.

End Log.


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