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New Beginnings

Posted on Tue Sep 25th, 2018 @ 7:38pm by Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart
Edited on Mon Oct 1st, 2018 @ 7:49pm

Judah stood on the Observation Deck of Iota, staring at the stars. An unbidden tear fell slowly as he once again thought of his father, he would have been proud to know Judah was being assigned to the Alabama, the namesake of the family's home state.

His father had been gone for over a month now, long enough for Judah to get from Earth to the Delta Quadrant. It was difficult to leave his mother behind, but running her restaurant had been her focus for many years. He had many good memories to draw on but there was just something about the stars that drew his attention back to his father. It could have been all of those stories his father told him from the mining camps around many different planets. Taking a deep breath he glanced at his PADD again before recomposing himself and heading back to his temporary quarters.

Due to a scheduling mishap he had missed boarding the USS Alabama before it left the Station. There was an engineering ship leaving at 0500 headed to the same area of operation, that he could ride on and then beam aboard the Alabama.

Judah spent the night tossing and turning restlessly, he was apprehensive about his new position, he knew how to do his job, he was good at it, but he was worried whether he would get along with the Bridge Crew and was concerned about the subordinates in his department.

The next morning Judah left with the engineering ship and beamed aboard the USS Alabama.


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