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Week 1

Posted on Thu Dec 27th, 2018 @ 5:19pm by Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart

Judah sat down at his desk in his quarters, with a cup of old-fashioned sweet tea, and began reviewing the personnel qualifications, after about an hour he had a list of things to begin training.

Though Starfleet required yearly qualifications with crew serve weapons Judah always felt more comfortable when the crew used their weapons more than once a year. He also wanted to discuss some weapons firing drills with captain. The notes from the engineers showed that the phasers and photons were sighted in and accurate but just for his own peace of mind he'd prefer to test them himself. It would also provide a good training opportunity for some of the Ensigns to get some "Real World" experience instead of just the Starfleet training Simulations.

As he finished his notes he reflected on his first week on board the Alabama; though he attended several meetings he hadn't gotten to really know any of his fellow officers yet, he did hope that maybe during their time in port he could have a few drinks, swap some stories and get to know them better.

Closing his eyes Judah thought of his father, it had only been a month since his death and even though he tried to stay busy, he couldn't help but think of him now. He was such a hard working man. It was heartbreaking to watch him waste away, from a respiratory disease picked up in a mine on a planet that Judah forgot the name of.

Glancing at his desk he stared at the picture of his parents on his graduation day from Starfleet, it was one of the last pictures of the three of them altogether. Judah finished his sweet tea, laid down his PADD, and went for a walk.


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