Coming Onboard My New Ship

Posted on Fri Mar 22nd, 2019 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral

"Computer, begin log for Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral, Stardate: 70221.0," Ral said as he sat in the chair behind the desk in his new office.

"Begin when ready," came the familiar reply from the computer.

"Well, here are the inner thoughts of a newly promoted lieutenant commander on the USS Alabama, a Nebula-class starship in the Delta Quardrant. Now, if that wasn't a self-serving beginning to my first log on this starship, I don't know what is.

"I know logs are supposed to be professional but I feel that my personal feelings about my new assignment are more appropriate. So, I have just been promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander by my new commanding officer, Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy. The XO on the ship is Lieutenant Commander Andres Odegaard and I have also been named its Second Officer.

"I have absolutely no experience in the command department but I do have experience in tactical operations and am willing to learn from the CO and XO. I'm sure they have plenty of experience to draw upon and I know that Captain O'Shaunessy is originally a tactical officer himself so I'm sure he and I will get along quite nicely.

"I also know from reading through the crew manifest that we are still down an operations, science and medical officers as well as a counselor. So we will be at a disadvantage until we can find new officers to fill those positions but I am willing to help out wherever is needed and my knowledge allows.

"Computer, file this log in the ships log and send to all relevant officers," he said. The computer beeped its response. Ral sighed and wondered what this new assignment would hold for him.