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Tactical Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 8:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral & Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart & 2nd Lieutenant Bat Matherson

Mission: A Fresh Start on a New World
Location: Strategic Operations Officer's Office, Deck

Tyron Ral had retired to his office after his piloting recertification with Daisy Skie-Cloud which he found most enlightening. He got all his files on the Hirogen ready for his meeting with the Chief Tactical Officer and the acting Marine Commander. He wanted to go through the preparations for the mission.

He tapped his combadge to contact the two of them to meet in his office. =^=Commander Ral to Lieutenants Taggart and Matherson, report to the Strategic Operations Office.=^= And he waited for them.

Matherson was going through drills with the Marines who joined the Alabama while in port when the call came in. "Gunnery Sargent Malendez, take over for me. Run them through drills 3, 5 and 9 while I'm gone."

"Yes, sir!" Malendez replied.

Tapping his comm badge, "I'm on my way, sir." Matherson said as he strode out of Marine Country. 3 minutes later, he was tapping the buzzer on Commander Ral's door.

"Come," he said to the person that rang the chime.

Judah received the summons while working in the armory. He replied quickly, =^=Taggart en route=^= He set down the phaser he had been reassembling and left for the Ops Office carrying his Padd.

Just as he stepped around the corner the corner he sat Bat enter the office, he walked quickly and stepped in just as the doors began to close.

"Good morning, gentlemen. I'm Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral, Strategic Operations Officer and welcome to my new home," the big Trill said with a chuckle. "I've called you here for the purpose of devising a tactical plan for our next mission.

"As you two know, we're setting up an FOB on a planet not too far from here, I don't believe. But the problem is it's smack dab in the middle of Hirogen territory and there in a very real possibility of then showing up to try and stop us from using this planet to further our influence. So, 2nd Lieutenant Matherson, I need a full breakdown of the fighter compliment this ship is currently carrying and of their capabilities," Tyron said.

"Of all of the places for a FOB why in the middle of Hirogen territory? Well what can I say that's Starfleet login for you. Do you know what the name of the planet is? We're going to have to try to find a defensible position," Judah said excitedly.

"I understand your concern, Lieutenant. And, believe me when I say, I had those same concerns when I found about the placement of the FOB, as well. As to the name of the planet, I'm not sure it has one, at least not to the Hirogen. So, I would suggest talking to the science staff as to whether Starfleet has a name and/or a designation for it at this time," Tyron said hoping his answers had satisfied the security officer's queries.

Bat sat back and listened as the two fleeters expressed their understandable concerns about their upcoming mission. "While I share your concerns, sirs, I am confident we'll be able to handle whatever comes our way. We've been preparing for the worst possible scenario's for months now." Pausing to catch his breath, he continued. "To answer your question, Commander, our fighter wing has 2 Razor Interceptor's, 2 Gryphon Class Fighters, and 2 Scorpion Mk II Multi-Role Assault Fighters. They are all fully loaded with all the latest weaponry and have multiple pilots checked out on them. If you would like, I can work with Lieutenant Skie-Cloud and have some of the shuttles and runabouts decked out with sharper teeth, but that would be at her discretion and not mine."

"Actually, it would be at mine and not hers. You see, I'm not only the Strategic Operations Officer but also the Second Officer. But, let's leave them be for now, Lieutenant, because we have no idea if the Hirogen are even going to show up at all. Though, I highly doubt they'll leave us alone in the Quadrant simply because we're Starfleet. But, here's to hoping, right gentlemen?

"I would like to see specs on the fighters we currently have on board, if you don't mind? Just so I'm up to par on their capabilities."

Bat nodded in agreement. "Agreed, sir. The fighter's specs are in Marine directory 3, subsection B8-3. They're available to all senior staff. The weaponry, both standard and optional are in subsections B8-6 and B8-10 respectively."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Mr. Taggart, any comments, questions, statements?"

Judah had been listening to the ongoing conversation and taking notes. "I will be getting with the science officer to confer over the planet and possible areas to place the FOB. My concern is that if we are ferrying equipment & marines back and forth we also want to minimize areas nearby where ground to air weapons can be used. I think the first thing that needs done is a defensible location, and two an away team that includes Bat and myself to verify that we have room for landing shuttles. In my opinion if Bat and myself don't agree on the safety of the site, I feel it would be wrong to send my guys there to defend it."

"Me think the Lieutenant dost hath a point,"Ral said and then looked to the Marine lieutenant and awaited his reply.

Bat nodded. "I agree with Judah. The safety of everyone involved is our top priority."

"You two are both correct. We must prepare for every contingecy we can come up with," Ral spoke. "So, if we're done here, I think I have some more week to do."

"I'm good for now, sir." Bat said before turning to Judah. "Let me know when is good for you, sir and I'll make sure to be available."

Judah checked the time on his Padd, "Let's meet around 1700 this evening, that will give me time to meet with Science and Engineering to identify a couple of locations for us to investigate."

"Very good, gentlemen. Have a good day," Commander Ral said.

Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral
Strategic Operations/Second Officer
USS Alabama


2nd Lieutenant Bat Matherson
Marine Executive Officer
USS Alabama


Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Alabama


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