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Club Encounter

Posted on Mon Jun 17th, 2019 @ 4:23pm by Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart & Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud

Mission: R&R
Location: bar/lounge

Daisy laughter rose above the conversation of the semi-crowed bar. Emerging from the crowd near the bar, carrying a mug of foaming beer with a smile that lit up the room and getting many smiles in return from those she passed on her way to her table. It was up one tier from the dance floor and offered a good view of those dancing to the smooth music that currently been set up by DJ as the rest of the stage was curtained closed.

Daisy settled in her seat, settling back in the comfortable cushioned bench seat that curved around the table. A small lamp provided enough light to see by and add an ambiance to the atmosphere of the bar or lounge as some would call it.

Taggart walked through the starbase and into the bar, bars were not typically his choice of hangouts, but they were a great way to blow off steam. Judah ordered a glass of Aldebaran Whiskey, the drink was hard to come by sometimes depending on how frequently the traders visited the starbase.

After a few moments, he spotted the LT from the meeting yesterday and walked over to join her. "Mind if I join you LT? I saw you yesterday at the captain's meeting and didn't get a chance to introduce myself, I'm Judah Taggart."

"Have a seat, Judah. I'm Daisy Sky-Cloud." She gave a smile that brought warmth to her eyes. Her hair was loose and hanging freely. A sleeveless light pink blouse and midthigh darker pink skirt. Open toed high heels sandals exposing pink painted toenails. "Taking a break from beating up your underlings?" Eyes twinkled to let him know she was teasing him.

"Hello Daisy, nice to meet you," he chuckled gently at her joke about the underlings, "The underlings have all been quieted, I warned them beatings would continue until morale improves." Judah enjoyed the chance to be out of uniform, nothing was more comfortable than a good pair of jeans and a T-Shirt.

Daisy took a sip of her drink as she listened to Judah. "Yeah. It is nice to get away from the pressures of the job. Even though I'd rather be out there..." Waving a hand about her to indicate being out in space. "... At the helm of a fast flying ship."

The DJ switched out the current tune for a new one, that drew couples to the dance floor and toes a tapping.

"You dance?" Daisy tilted her head to the dance floor, with the same easy smile.

"I do dance a little bit, care to join me?" Judah stood and reached for Daisy's hand, gently leading her to the dance floor.

"It's been a while since I've danced. I hope I don't embarrass you," Judah joked gently.

Daisy shrugged and moved into position, letting him lead. She moved gracefully through the various moves with ease. She was impressed as he was a good dancer from her perspectives. At least no toes were stepped on by him. "You enjoy being on a ship?" Looking up at him, curious.

"Yes ma'am I am enjoying it so far. I always wanted to be part of a commissioning crew. In the old days, they would call the first crew of a ship the 'Plank Owners' because they invested a lot of blood sweat and tears in getting the ship operational." Judah continues leading Daisy through the dance steps, it was almost like riding a bicycle. He began to converse more once he grew confident enough not to step on Daisy's toes. "So how long have you been aboard and do you like it so far?"

"Been with the ship since it break-in cruise. I put the ship through its paces. At least from the helm part." She dreamily smiled of one who loved to pilot ships and fly. "I really enjoying be part of a crew. Specially an active part of the crew."

"Ladies and Gentleman. Last song for the night. And also last call for the bar." The DJ announced as he switched out to a new song.

"It seems like a good crew so far, I am definitely looking forward to working with them," as he finished he heard the last call announcement. "Would you like another drink before we head back to the ship? it'll be my treat."

"I'll have whatever you're having," Daisy spoke, leading the way back to their table.

"I'm just drinking some Sweet Tea, or Sweetened Iced Tea, if you grew up anywhere else other than the Southern United States," Cody replied smiling, while thoroughly enjoying the company.

"That's on Sol Three?" Daisy settled in her seat, looking at Judah. "Which is called Earth by those from there." Figured to clarify and making it obvious she wasn't from there.

"Yes it is, I grew up there on Earth. I would assume by your question that you're not from around there, Would it be to forward of me to ask where you hail from?"

"Terran 16." Daisy spoke softly with a twinkle in her eyes. "Its over by Trill. Operated by the Merchant Consortium."

"I've not been there before, is there anything fun to do there?" Judah replied with a grin.

"It rivals Risa as a resort planet. What you want, you get if it makes you happy and doesn't infringe on other guests pleasure." Daisy gave a small smile, taking a sip of her drink.

"Sounds like it could be fun, Is there anywhere to go fishing or camping? I like to get away sometimes and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I love what I do, but for me the best way to recharge is to unplug. Right after I joined my first ship, we took a few days of leave on Risa. I camped at the bay, the two moons at night was almost magical."

"What ever you like to do. I'm sure the Consortium will find a way to make it happened." Daisy smiled a bit. "My preference is riding a hoverbike." Finishing off her drink.

"That sounds like fun, I never rode a hoverbike, I've always wanted to though. Maybe you could teach me sometime," Judah said as he took another swallow of his drink.

"Definitely." Daisy spoke softly, her eyes lighting up, "I'll find some time. Either here or on the ship's holodeck."

"Awesome, I'm looking forward to it Daisy, I will hold you up to your end of the bargain." Judah finished his drink before continuing, "I am afraid that if I have anymore I won't be sober enough to get back to my quarters," he said with a sheepish grin.

Daisy nodded, "I know what you mean. And it is getting late." Making a funny face as she looked at her watch, then returning to a soft smile. "Been fun."

She stood up and casually left the club.

"See ya round Daisy," Judah said as he watched her walk away. He picked up his duffle bag and headed to the Alabama to report for duty.


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