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Scheduling a Flight Recert

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2019 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral & Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud

Mission: A Fresh Start on a New World
Location: USS Alabama

Daisy finished up the logs and condense them into quick report to cover the period of the time that ship spent in port which wasn't much. Just covered the usual port activities of shuttle usage, shift change on the bridge to make sure there was a helm pilot available incase the ship needed to be moved. Her flight school to get some of the other crew familiar and build up a reserve of bridge helm pilots.

She updated the Captain's record on his flight status for the usage of auxiliary crafts that the ship carried.

Tyron walked onto the bridge carrying a PaDD which he was reading. There were a great deal of things for him to go over before the ship left for open space. But he knew the ship would leave before he got to all of them. He smiled ruefully and looked over to the helm where Lieutenant Skie-Cloud was talking with another helm officer and decided to go and talk to her about his flight certification.

"Lieutenant? May I have a quick word with you, please," he said after walking up to her.

Daisy glanced up at Tyron. She turned helm control over the helm officer she was talking to as she stood up. "Sure Commander. What do you need?"

"I would like to schedule a time for my flight recert test," Tyron said quietly so as not to bother anyone else on the bridge.

"One hour after shift. Main Shuttle bay, Commander." Daisy spoke softly back, just loud enough for him to hear. She turned back to the on duty helmsperson, leaned across the empty seat she had recently vacated, turning her attention to him. "Set the helm menu back to default setting, then personalize it to the way you like it. Then save it."

"Aye aye, Lieutenant," Ral laughed. "One hour after shift it is then." He then walked off and took his post on the bridge.

Daisy smiled widely at hearing Tyron as she continued to showing the helmsperson on how to set up the helm to his preference.

Daisy finished up the last bridge helm officer and few extra as back up. It was time to head down to the Shuttle bay to be ready for Commander Ral's Flight Recert. She smiled a bit at the shuttle sitting on the ready pad was the shuttle waiting to be used. Out of habit, she walked around the Shuttle as it was prescheduled by her to use in the upcoming test of Commander Ral.

A little longer than an hour wanting to give the pilot some time to prepare her materials, he walked into the shuttlebay and said, "Um, Lieutenant? I'm ready if you are."

Daisy nodded. "Lets begin." Giving Commander Ral a warm smile. She stepped back from the Type 11 Danube class shuttle.

"After you, Lieutenant. This is your show after all," Tyron said returning the smile with a wink.

"You're the one needs the Flight Recert. Don't you better get started?" Daisy tapped the hatch controls, opening up the Runabout's door and entered. She tapped on the PADD she held, moving to settle in the co-pilots seat. "Destination is Jupiter's Starbase and then return to Alabama."

"OK, that seems simple enough. Inputting coordinates, bearing, speed, and we're off," Ral said with an elation he hadn't felt since his joining. Despite the fact that this was just a simulation, he still felt like this was a joyful thing to do. "Anything else, Lieutenant?"

"That'll be all for now." Daisy looked at him as the big shuttle bay doors open, showing the vastness of space beyond them. She looked thoughtful out the viewport with a quick glance at him.

He tapped a control on his panel that started the engines. The shuttle lifted off the floor of the shuttlebay and they exited the starship.

Daisy occasionally looked at the console before her as she worked on reports and schedules and training regimens for the lower ranking personnel in her department.

Daisy kept an eye on the fast approaching asteroid belt coming up. "This is a lot better than the holodeck?" She asked him.

"Most definitely, Daisy," Tyron said. "What made you want to become a pilot? If I may ask."

"The freedom to travel." Daisy spoke softly, getting that faraway look. "Any ship always needs a good pilot. And a lot cheaper to have a working passage." Her smile widens as she speaks. "Hazard level 3 to traverse the asteroid field. Keep to the marked passage through it." Eyes focusing on the approaching asteroid field with quick glances at her console before her. "What was your specialty before becoming XO?"

"That sounds like a good reason, Lieutenant," he said and then looked at his control panel. "Yes, I see it. And just for the record, I'm notthe XO; I'm the second officer. This was and will be my job for quite some time to come. I've pretty much always been in operations and now strategic operations."

"Operations..." She spoke thoughtful. "Bet that kept you up at nights figuring allocations of resources?" As she tapped in notes on her Data PADD quickly.

"Eh, not so much as one might expect," he replied. "I had it down pat, if I do say so myself. How am I doing thus far, Lieutenant?"

"Doing good so far, Commander." She spoke as the runabout flew along the route through the asteroid field. She reached out, tapped some commands and fired the runabouts phasers and destroying a small asteroid that drifted into the flight path.

Ral fired the phasers at the rest if the debris incoming asteroid fragments. "I think you missed some, Lieutenant," he said smiling at her. :So tell me, Lieutenant. What do you do when you're not flying the ship?"

"Conduct flight training courses for those that are interested. Both shuttles and Alabama. Work on ideas that improve options for variety of the larger shuttles." Daisy spoke softly. "I listen to music and tend to my plants.." She looked over at him. "What do you do in your off-time?"

"Well actually, I don't have much down time but when I do, I like to work on my physique, play in the holodeck and have fun with my friends. Who are becoming more and more scarce. What with all the moving around that we do as Starfleet officers. But, I keep on trying with each new posting," Ral said somewhat heartbroken.

"Fate of Fleet Officers." Daisy spoke softly. "Maybe when we get back to the ship and our free time coincides, maybe spend some time together in the holodeck. What type of holograms you run?" Daisy spoke then called in the errant asteroid shooting, while paying attention.

"Too true, Lieutenant. That would be nice some time. I like to run 20th-21st century adaptations of 18th century mystery novels and 20th-21st horror-type scenarios," Ral said checking for more asteroids in the general vicinty and turned the runabout around.

Daisy fell quiet on the return trip back to the Alabama. As soon as the runabout was safely settled on the ready pad. "Low score, yet you still passed, Commander. Just need to remember to file a flight plan and do preflight checks."
She exited from the Runabout to head up to Hanger bay control room.

Ral simply looked at the exiting lieutenant and shook his head. "At least I passed," was all he said to himselff=

Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral
Strategic Operations/Second Officers
USS Alabama

Lieutenant Daisy Sky-Cloud
Chief Flight Officer
USS Alabama


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