Takin Care of Business

Posted on Wed Jul 17th, 2019 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud

Mission: A Fresh Start on a New World
Location: Alabama -

Daisy darted up into the shuttle bay m and moved to the senior Pilot that was in charge of the Shuttle bay and crews. She access the console, bringing up shuttle inventory and status. "The shuttle that was just used. Make sure it gets serviced. Then store it."

"Yes Ma'am." Senior Pilot spoke peering over her shoulder, seeing what she was accessing. "Have we gotten the list for shuttle usage once we reached our destination?"

"Not yer. Commander Ral passed his shuttle flight recerts. So he is good to go on that." Daisy moved to a different file, looking it over with a frown. "For now, assign pilots to each shuttle. At least two. Pilot and co-pilot."

She looked another file. Seeing things were up and running smoothly. "Gotcha, Lieutenant." Senior Pilot spoke watching her close the file and leave with a wave of acknowledgement.

She moved through the ship with ease, enjoying the moment of peace. She glanced at the time and frowned. It was getting close for her to get to the bridge.

She swung by her quarters and freshened up. Tightened up on her hair, leaving it in a ponytail down her back. New uniform on, She darted from her quarters and moved at a fast walk to the bridge.

Entering the bridge, she noticed she was early and moved to the helm, giving Officer on Watch a curt nod as she passed the Centre Seat to the helm.

She leaned against the console and began looking at course that had been plotted and making sure the destination
matched what was given in the Briefing. "Good Job" She spoke quietly as she checked the course already laid in and what hazards were to be expected.

Lieutenant JG Sky-Cloud
CFO USS Alabama