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Swapping out the mission POD

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2019 @ 4:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral & Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy

Mission: R&R

Andreas had been going through the mission notes for the Alabama's next mission and was looking forward to further testing the ship and seeing how the crew worked together on a more demanding mission.

He knew the swapping out of the Mission POD was well under way and he was curious on how it was coming. He closed out his workstation and walked out onto the bridge.

He looked around the bridge and was happy with how the crew was working on the maintenance. Tapping his comm badge, "Commander Ral, I was about to head to the POD connection deck to check on the progress of the swap out. Would you care to join me?"

Ral was in his quarters reading through everything the database had on the Hirogen. He was getting to a rather interesting part of the data when he got a got the call from the captain. Looking up from his terminal and said, "Yes, Captain, I'll be right there."

Andreas rounded the last corner and approached the Station's Engineering crew. "Looks like you guys are almost done." He said as Ral approached. Turning to his new Second Officer, "Thanks for joining me, Commander. I thought seeing part of the POD swap out would be beneficial in the early days of your assignment here."

"Thank you, Sir. It looks rather interesting, right here," he said pointing to an insertion juncture. "the way the way the pylon is situated to the hull plating. Though, I'm not engineer, don't you think we should reinforce the plating around the entire juncture?"

Andreas took a closer look at the pylon. Motioning for a nearby engineer to join them. "Is this juncture sufficiently reinforced Petty Officer?"

Looking over the pylon, the engineer shook his head. "No sir, it isn't. We'll reinforce the plating before we sign off on the job."

"Sounds like a plan. Please do a thorough inspection prior to our departure." Andreas replied.

"Aye, sir." The engineer replied before returning to what he was doing.

"Let's go to the hangar deck of the POD and take a look, Commander."

"Of course, sir. I've been wanting to see a hangar pod.

After a few minutes of winding through the POD, they ended up in the Hangar Deck. "Normally, this area would be full of fighters and runabouts, but we've had them remove the parking apparatus and plan to use this area as an additional storage area for the equipment we'll need for our next mission."

"Interesting, Captain. What type of equipment will be stored here?" Ral asked him.

"We'll have equipment to clear a forested area and excavate it for an FOB." Andreas started. "We'll also have enough materials to set up the first section of the base plus the components to get it operational."

"Most interesting, Captain. But I didn't know this mission would entail a planetary component," Ral said, looking more than a little confused. It was obvious to anyone that Tyron wasn't completely aware of the nature of their mission.

"The mission is still somewhat fluid at this point. Based on the notes I've seen so far, the majority of the mission will involve scouting for the spot with the clearing and setting up of the base being a secondary objective. I have a meeting with Fleet Captain Haught, our TFCO, in a couple of hours to get a more in depth mission briefing." Andreas replied.

"That sounds like Starfleet to me, Sir. The fluidity of the mission definitely a Command tack. Sir, I've been Starfleet for quite some time. Or my other hosts have been. I'm still getting used to splitting my previous hosts up from myself. I'm also getting used to being joined.

"Captain,I must let you in on something. I'm a newly joined host in my peoples' view. Having only been joined for a year now is difficult for me to separate me from my former selves. So, I thought it was high time you knew about that," Ral said and then stepped to the captain's side and waited for a response.

Andreas nodded in understanding. "While I'm not an expert on joined Trills, from what I understand, there's a certain period of adjustment. If there's anything I can do to help you through this period, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you, sir. I really appreciate all the extra time you've put into helping me get sorted out," Ral said. "I'm sure you don't have the time to do this with every crewmember. But I am grateful for everything you've done so far and I hope I'm able to work this well with the rest of the crew."

"All is good, Commander. I'm sure you will as time goes on." Andreas replied. "I think we've seen enough for now. We'll be having a mission briefing within the next 36 hours and be underway shortly thereafter."

"I can only hope that your prediction holds up to be true, sir. Now, where are we going now?"

"We're essentially done everything we can for the time being, Commander. Care to join me in 10 forward for a quick drink? I know where the bartender keeps a bottle of special reserve."

"Of course, sir. I'd love to join you in the lounge for a drink," Ral said as he motioned for the captain to leave the room first.

Andreas took the lead and took the shortest route possible to the lounge. He gave a nod to the staff in the room and then went behind the bar. "Take a seat, Commander." He said as he grabbed a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. He poured the drinks and lifted his in a toast. "Here's to the Alabama and her crew. May she always have fair winds and a star to guide her."

"Aye aye, sir." was all the Tyron Ral said as he raised the glass to his lips and drank to his new home.

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