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Posted on Sat Apr 27th, 2019 @ 4:20pm by Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy & Lieutenant JG Andrea Fril

Mission: R&R
Location: Iota Station

It had been a long couple days on the runabout. She was the only passenger destined for the Alabama. The other three passengers were going to be posted on the station. They played a lot of card games. They tried a lot of the foods from their various worlds courtesy of the replicators. They told a lot of stories. Two of the other snored, a lot, so sleep was in short supply. The sound of the docking clamps was very welcome.

Andrea walked out into the docking ring and looked at the docking schedule. She found the Alabama. Of course it was on the far side of the sizable station.

She hefted two of her bags onto her shoulders and grabbed the third in her left hand. She made her way across the central public space. It was pretty busy, but not crowded. She bumped into a Ferengi shopkeeper. He was not in a good mood, less so after being hit by Andrea's bag.

"Sorry, umm..., Sir." Andrea apologized.

"Grrgh" Was the only response from the Ferengi.

She eventually found her way to the Alabama. She cleared her orders with the young man at the airlock, after she unearthed them from her bag.

"Welcome Ma'am. You are assigned berthing on Deck 9, section 3. Room 5A. I have a note here that the captain is waiting for you in his ready room.

"Thank you." The young man saluted and she returned the salute.

Andrea found the room with no problem and she dropped her things in a heap inside the door. It was a standard Senior Officer Quarters. Sleeping room the right, living space to the left. A small head and a closet in the middle. Andrea walked to the head and gave her face a quick wash, moved her hair around a little bit, and tugged at her uniform in a couple places. Off to the CO.

Andrea walked to the turbolift and up to the Bridge. it was sparsely populated. The ready room was where she expected to find it.

She hit the chime and waited.

Andreas had just received the orders that a new Intel Officer was assigned to the Alabama. He went through the Lieutenant's records and like what he saw. Just as he finished the record, the door chime sounded. Rising from his chair, "Come in, Lieutenant."

Andrea stepped into the ready room. The captain was standing behind his desk. "Lieutenant Andrea Fril reporting for duty Sir." She stood at attention once she arrived infront of his desk.

"Take a seat, Lieutenant." Andreas said, as he sat back down again. "How was the ride over?"

"Thank you." Andrea said as the took a seat in front of the desk and tugged her tunic down. "The trip was fine, but a couple days on a runabout is more than enough."

Andreas winced slightly, remembering his recent recertification flight with Lt. Skie-Cloud with a bit of embarrassment. "I understand completely." Leaning back in his chair, he collected himself before continuing.

"I saw in your record that you were on DS9 for a couple of years. How familiar are you with the major powers in this part of the Delta Quadrant?"

"Since I found out I was being transfered, I've been doing a lot of reading. I've also made a hobby of reading the Voyager logs. They are pretty facinating." Fril paused, "That being said, there will still be a lot of reading to do."

Andreas nodded in understanding. "I agree completely. While the Voyager's logs are fairly comprehensive and contain a lot of information, however it's somewhat outdated at this point. Some may consider that a handicap, but I prefer to think of it as a chance to learn and expand on what we know. Based on what I've gleaned of the opportunities in this sector, the Hirogen and the Vaadwaur are the two major players we might be encountering over the coming months. I think learning what we can about these folks should be our priority."

Before he could continue, an alert popped up on his console. Taking a quick look, he turned back to Andrea. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but I'm going to have to cut this short, something just came up that requires my attention. Thank you for your time." Andreas said as he headed out of his ready room.


Lieutenant JG Andrea Fril
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Alabama


Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy
Commanding Officer
USS Alabama


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