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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 12:27am by Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy & 2nd Lieutenant Bat Matherson & Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart

Mission: R&R
Location: Marine Country

Bat was going through the personnel reports for the Marines posted on the Alabama. He saw that there were quite a few new names on the roster and sent out a mass communication letting everyone know that he intended on starting drills within the next 48 hours so that everyone could get to know each other and learn each other's strengths and weakness'.

Once the final notice went out, he thought reaching out to the Security Chief would be warranted.

"Lieutenant Matherson to Lieutenant Taggart. Would you be able to meet with me to discuss some inter-departmental training drills?"

"Aye Lieutenant Matherson I will be there shortly," Taggart replied as he stepped out of the weapons hold. After making a couple of notations on his PADD he headed down to the Marine's office.

Getting up from his desk, Bat headed out into the bull pen to stretch his legs. Looking across the pen, he saw fleeter come through the main doors. Walking over to him, he offered his hand. "Lieutenant Taggart?"

"Yes Sir, Lieutenant Matherson," he replied as he shook his hand. "The Skipper and I had a conversation yesterday about ship's security, and it seems you and I both have a mutual respect for the job and it's responsibilities."

"That's my understanding as well, Lieutenant." Bat said, leading the way to the Marine training area. "While Marines generally focus on off ship missions and Security focuses more on shipboard missions, I think our departments could compliment each other nicely on any mission that's thrown our way. How would you feel about cross training to allow our crew to learn how the other works?

"I think it would be an excellent idea. I have a small department that is trained to lead teams to secure the ship, but I think if we work together than we could definitely be a force multiplier."

Bat nodded in agreement. "Absolutely. What are your training facilities like? Ours are fairly comprehensive in most types of training, except maybe tight quarters."

"Traditionally we do some work on the holo decks, we mimic the ship and defend it from boarders. I like to split the teams in two to have offense and defense, I think it helps develop the mindset and teaches them how to think through the problem. Gaining knowledge as an attacker assists in understanding what to look for while defending. I think our first drill we should allow your Marines to attack while my teams defend the ship and the next session they will reverse roles."

"That sounds good to me, Lieutenant. Our schedule is flexible, when is good for you?"

"Sometime next week should be fine, I need to finish my departmental review and conduct the weapons and armory inspections also. We will be conducting some weapons calibration testing with the ship's weapon systems after we leave the starbase. I know the Starfleet engineers had to go through their checklist before verifying they worked, but for my own peace of mind, we will be testing them. I will then begin calibration of crew-serve weapons like the phasers, and making sure they are all zeroes in and ready to go as well."

"That sounds like a plan. I'll do up a preliminary schedule and forward it to you for your approval within the next 6 hours." Bat replied.

"Sounds good Sir, I look forward to the training, and who knows we could turn in to a competition like the earth game Laser Tag."

Bat smiled. "Laser Tag or paint ball, Lieutenant. Both would suit my crew fine. Is there anything else we need to cover?"

"I think this should be it for now, if you think of anything just give me a holler, it's not like we can hide in a Starship," judah said with a chuckle.

Bat laughed. "Truer words have never been spoken. It was nice to meet with you, Lieutenant." He said, offering his hand.

Cody shook Bat's hand, "I'll see ya' around Lieutenant, it was nice meeting you also."

Bat watched as the Chief Sec/Tac headed off and then went back to his office to start on the training schedule.


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