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The Intel Suite

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 5:07am by Lieutenant JG Andrea Fril

Mission: R&R
Location: Intellegence Offices Deck 9

Andrea has just left the captain. Her Intel suite was a small office near the Astrometrics lab. She knew her staff team was on the ship. Time to go meet the group.

Andrea approached and keyed the door controls. The entry slid open. The intel suite was about 9 meters deep and 6 meters wide. There was an office seperated by glass in the back. That was for her. There two work stations on each of the side walls and one small conference table in the center.

The two enlisted crew members, both sitting to her right as she entered, who would be her staff stood up.

"As you were" She said as the stood up. Both stayed standing but stepped forward to introduce themselves.

"Phil Miller Ma'am. I'm the ambient data analyst. Welcome aboard."

Andrea was glad to have one of those. It was amazing the kind of intel you could get from listening to the random subspace transmissions that were not encrypted. It was dizzying work, but she was glad some people enjoyed it.

"Co Miel Ma'am. I'm a cartographic analyst. I spend a lot of time analyzing the feed we get from stellar cartography next door.

Also a good skill set to have on the team.

"I'm Lt. Fril. I just came over from DS9 this morning. Most of my work has been writing reports for senior leaders so I have learned to appreciate the type of data that you folks produce."

Andrea motioned for the duo to join her at the small table and they all took a seat.

"So...tell me about yourselves?"



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