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New Assignment

Posted on Tue Mar 26th, 2019 @ 5:35pm by Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy & Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral

Mission: R&R
Location: Admiral Mantu's Office
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Tyron Ral was in his quarters going over the latest report on the tactical situation in the region. He was resting after a long day when he suddenly heard the comm chirp, "Lieutenant Ral, report to Admiral Mantu's office at once." So, he stood from his chair, put his tunic back on, and left for the Admiral's office.

Upon his arrival at the door to the office, he straightened his tunic, pressed the door chime and waited for the entrance signal.

"Enter," came the Admiral's deep bass voice. He entered the office and noticed a captain seated with the admiral and stiffened more. "Admiral, Lieutenant Tyron Ral, reporting as ordered."

"Thank you for reporting so swiftly. Tyron, this is Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy from the USS Alabama. I'm reassigning you to that ship as Chief of Strategic Operations. They are in need of a seasoned officer like yourself."

"Captain, it's a pleasure to meet you," Ral said.

Andreas stood and offered his hand. "Good to meet you too, Commander. We're almost done at Iota, so I hope you're ready to jump in and get things going."

"You better believe it, Sir. And did you just call me 'Commander' because I could have sworn that I was still a Lieutenant? Not to speak down to a superior officer...Sir." Ral spit out like he was still a green cadet, his ears a touch redder than normal.

"No worries. The Admiral and I have discussed your service history and agreed that since your more than able to pull double duty while on the Alabama. On top of being my new Chief Strat Ops Officer, I'm also slotting you as my 2nd Officer." Andreas said as he picked up the small box that was on the Admiral's desk. He opened it before continuing. "You are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the privileges and duties therein."

Tyron didn't know what to say at first. And that was odd for him being somewhat of a motormouth, he just stood there looking dumbfounded. But eventually, he righted himself and said, "Thank you, Captain, I will endeavor to serve both you and Starfleet to be best of my ability." And he took he half pip, pinned it to his collar and smiled a smile so bright that it would make Procyon look like a black hole in comparison.

"I have no doubts on that, Commander." Andreas said with a nod. "If there's nothing else, Admiral, the Commander and I will take our leave of you and get him settled in."

"Very well, Andreas, you're dismissed. Commander Ral, good luck and godspeed on your new journey," Admiral Mantu said.

"Thank you, Admiral and I'm right behind you, Captain," Tyron said with a newfound spring in his step as he followed after his new CO.

"So, Commander, have you been out to this quadrant yet?" Andreas asked as they headed to where the Alabama was docked.

"Actually, no I haven't been out here just yet. I joined Iota Command because I wanted to go somewhere most of Starfleet hadn't been yet," Ral said trying too much not to sound like a raw cadet right now.

"No worries. Most of us haven't spent more that a year or two out her. I hadn't been out here until I took command of the Alabama. Unless our orders change, our next mission will be taking us to the Hirogen sector. I'd recommend learning as much as you can about the area over the next little bit as we'll be heading out as soon as they finish switching out the Mission POD."

"Alright, Captain, I'll get right on that. Are there any officers that you would recommend I work with that would have the knowledge I need to acquire? What type of POD are we getting; a tactical or scientific POD?, Ral asked.

"Essentially a general knowledge of the Hirogen and their tactics. The area we're going to used to have an asteroid base held by the Hirogen. Another Federation ship had a run in with it, leaving the area open for development. We'll be scouting the area, finding a suitable location and setting up a Federation FOB. The POD we're getting is a modified Shuttlebay/Hangar POD. It will be used to ferry the supplies we need to start setting up operations."

"That's good to know so I'll start by reading everything about the Hirogen in the database and from Captain's Janeway's run-ins with them. By the way, do we have a CAG or is someone else in charge of the fighter wing?" Ral asked.

"No CAG or Wing Commander at the moment. The acting Marine CO is 2nd Lieutenant Matherson who is currently overseeing the Marine department and the Starfighter Wing. He's a capable officer and very approachable." Andreas replied.

"Thank you, Sir. I'll go and talk to him," Tyron said. "If there is nothing else, sir, I think I'll go and start my research now."

"Sounds good, Commander. Welcome aboard." Andreas said as he left, heading back towards the bridge.


Lieutenant Commander Tyron Ral
Chief of Strategic Operations
USS Alabama


Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy
Commanding Officer
USS Alabama


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