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Time to Relax

Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 @ 12:55am by Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy & Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard & Lieutenant JG Daisy Skie-Cloud & Lieutenant JG Dave & Lieutenant JG Judah Taggart

Mission: R&R
Location: USS Alabama/Iota Command

The Alabama was halfway back to Iota Command when Andreas decided to call a quick meeting.

"Commander O'Shaunessy to all senior staff, please report to the observation lounge for an update on our current status." Andreas said as he crossed the bridge to the observation lounge.

Dave made his way to the observation lounge, as ordered. When he made his way through the door, his eyes scanned the room for the closest empty chair, and then he took possession of it.

Odegaard was in his Office filling out progress reports when the call came in so the XO opted to save his current information and then proceed to meet the others. He arrived after a few minutes later and proceeded inside. "Captain, Lieutenant." He said taking his seat to the right of his superior.

Andreas nodded at Lieutenant Dave as he came in. "Thank for coming out, Lieutenant." Turning to the XO, "Commander, how are things looking for the ride back to base?"

Judah Had finished typing up the training and evaluation reports from the Ankari meeting when he was summoned by the captain. Grabbing his Padd he went to the conference room before submitting his final report.

Skie-Cloud eased into the room and sat at the end of the table opposite from the Captain. She set on the conference table before her Data PADD's and a compact hairbrush. Along with a few hair scrunchies. She gave a smile to all those present.

Andreas looked around the room and saw most of the senior staff had arrived. "Let's get this started, shall we?" He said as he tapped a button on the control to bring up the map showing the route they'd taken on their shakedown cruise.

"I'm very impressed with how we came together on this cruise, taking care of whatever popped up along the way. I could not be more proud of all of you." Andreas took a breath before continuing. "Our meeting with the Ankari went well and they will reach out to the brass at Iota Command shortly. If all goes well, we can expect free passage through their system at the very least and hopefully some form of treaty between our two governments."

Sitting back down again, Andreas took a sip of his coffee. "I have received a brief outline of our next mission. I won't have specifics until we get back to Iota, but can say that we'll be there for 6 days while they change out our Mission POD to a modified Shuttlebay/Hangar POD. This POD is normally used to transport more fighters, however from what I gleaned from the outline, we'll need it for the additional storage space for other equipment." Turning to Lt. Dave, "The station's engineer's will be doing most of the grunt work on this, Lieutenant, but I'd like you to work with them to help expedite as much as possible."

"Since we'll be operating on the standard skeleton crew while in dock, we'll be able to do a thorough inventory of what we have and what we need. 6 days should be more than ample time to take care of that and still take time to relax. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Captain," Judah began, "While the engineers are making their adjustments, I will have a skeleton security team in place. I also plan on doing a couple of security drills with my department."

"Sounds good, Lieutenant. Please coordinate with the Marines to have your department and theirs used to working together. I'd like to see the two departments cross trained to complement each other so that they can work wherever we may need them on any given day."

"Aye Sir, I will have the necessary Watchbill created to make it happen. Do we know who the Marine Commander is? I'd like to coordinate this evolution pretty quick?"

"Until one is assigned to us, 2nd Lieutenant Matherson has stepped up to the task. He'll be happy to work with you."

"Thank you sir, I will contact Lieutenant Matherson to coordinate further."

"Sounds good, Lieutenant." Andreas nodded. Turning to Lt. Skie-Cloud, he continued. "Lieutenant Skie-Cloud, we'll be using most, if not all, of our shuttles during our next mission. They should be fine, but I'd like you and your staff go over them with fine toothed combs and take care of anything you find. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask whomever you feel would be best suited to help."

Daisy looked up from her PADD, "All the shuttles are good to go." She smiled warmly. "Just finishing up scheduling pilots to go with them. Unless you prefer to pilot them yourself?" She looked around the assembled officers. "Then you would get one of the smaller short range ones, which I don't have enough pilots to fly them. Just the Larger ones."

"Very tempting offer, Lieutenant. I may take you up on it." Andreas said with a smile.

Looking around the table, Andreas continued. "While at the base, please take as much time as possible to relax. We'll have a mission briefing just before heading out again."

"One more thing, make sure you warn your department members about trading with the Ferrengi, they can be a bit of nuisance. Other than that, the first round of drinks at the Sky Lounge is on me," Taggart piped in.

Andreas took one last look around the room. "That's it for now, folks, dismissed." Andreas said as he got up and headed back to his ready room.


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